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It will be easy to meet adventurous, open-minded people who know how to wine and dine you. Is marriage on the cards? The period between March 2 and March 26 would be ideal for exchanging vows.

The thought of devoting your life to one person will be enticing and empowering, not frightening. Are you already in a serious relationship? It will feel like you and your amour are falling in love all over again. Plan at least one luxurious holiday together. Visit places that evoke romance and excitement for both of you. Boring family trips can wait for another time.

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Relationships will continue to have a fairytale quality throughout the year. It will be easy to keep your partner on their pedestal in No matter what your relationship status, your love life will be filled with excitement between December 3 and December The Christmas season will be filled with intimate encounters, beautiful presents and heartfelt exchanges. A solar eclipse on December 26 will prompt you and your partner to take a bold risk together. When it comes to romance, offers you many different things, but mostly happiness and fulfilment. Your love life will continue to be unorthodox between January 1 and March 6.

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Either your partner will be unusual in some way, or your romantic arrangement will be unconventional. Starting March 7, the bedroom could become a place of exciting experimentation. Delving more deeply into your sensual side will be rewarding for both you and your amour. Have you decided to get engaged or married? The period between April 21 and May 15 is ideal for taking your relationship to the next level.

Are you single? You could meet someone special between December 21 and the end of the year. Keep your eyes open for romantic possibilities at computer classes, political meetings and humanitarian organisations. Enjoying some ecotourism will deepen your love and devotion. Your love life continues to be a deep and rewarding source of pleasure for you this year.

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  5. Starting on March 7, you will sense a fundamental change in your romantic prospects. You and your other half may have to live apart for the sake of work. Alternatively, you may decide to grant each other a greater measure of freedom. Taking separate holidays can actually draw you closer together, rather than drive you apart. Sneaking off to elope might also be a possibility. Your love life will continue its playful tone between January 1 and March 6. If you already have a partner, focus on injecting a little spontaneity into your relationship. After March 7, your attitude towards romance will change.

    The restless feeling that has dogged you for years will suddenly subside. Setting down roots with someone special will seem more like an intriguing possibility and less like a jail sentence.

    What January's Pisces Horoscope Means for You

    If marriage is on the cards, it is likely to happen between June 10 and July You may decide to have two ceremonies: one for just you and your amour, and another for friends and family. Take this opportunity to find ways of showing affection that support and uplift your amour. Whether this means performing acts of service, being kind, considerate and thoughtful, giving gifts, spending quality time together or being more physically affectionate is immaterial.

    The important thing is to show your love in the ways your partner finds rewarding. Starting on March 7, your love life will take an unusual turn. Have you been thinking about getting engaged or married? The solar eclipse on July 2 is the perfect time to make a serious commitment. The period between July 4 and July 28 is ideal for a joyous honeymoon. A lunar eclipse on January 21 could mark the end of a painful relationship. Either way, January is the time to identify what you really want from a romantic relationship.

    Finding romance in a book club, classroom or a political group is a distinct possibility. Are you thinking about getting married? This would be a lovely opportunity to visit a glamorous city together. You and your amour will have a great time sampling fine restaurants, visiting places of historical interest and shopping at exclusive boutiques. Your chief task will be attracting the right partner for you. You could meet someone special at a family function, waterside retreat or in a historic city. A budding romance will burst into flower between July 4 and July Even a committed partnership will feel like a passionate courtship during this magical phase.

    If you want to get engaged or married, set your sight on the dates between August 22 and September Take this opportunity to discuss your hopes, dreams and fears with your amour. We have two zodiac signs: one air and one water, and although they might not make it as lovers, they surely can be the best of friends. We all need that one friend that pours into our lives in a unique way. The best friend to do this often is someone who is a bit different from you.

    They see your short comings and have learned to love you for who you are. Their ability to see what you can't see and explain it in a way that's loving and feels safe is a big help. For example, if you're a person who is a neat freak and you are married or dating a person who isn't You see the mess as disrespectful and unloving.

    The frustration has escalated, but you are at a place where trying to work it out with your partner has become nonproductive. A loving friend who wants the best for you, understands that you aren't looking to break up with your partner, but you definitely aren't able to make peace with this situation.

    But by talking it over with a friend you can unleash all your ugly emotions in a safe space without worrying that your friend will take it personally. But, your Pisces friend doesn't have to live in the situation and she can help explain what's going on with the dynamic so you can find a new solution or compromise. To find your perfect match use this chart. Aries, with all your networking, connections, and lovers, you've accumulated quite a bit of understanding when it comes to people and relationship dynamics. You're not exactly shy about sharing that knowledge, but it can come across as a bit more than another can handle at the time.

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    Truth is overwhelming, so take a sensitive approach particularly when advising water signs. Taurus, getting along with everyone is always a good goal but not everyone has a peaceful spirit today. Some may be feeling a bit of anxiety for one reason or another. This puts you in a unique position to share some of your earthy energy and help others regain some grounding. A simple smile or hug can go along way.

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    Be warm with everyone especially to family members and friends. Gemini, you often see and surprise others with what you perceive to be at the heart of a disagreement, but apply this to your own relationships, and you need some space and time. Don't be too proud to open up with someone from time to time when you need some advice. You are often the one to give it, but taking it can actually be a good experience for you, too.

    Cancer, being there for someone takes faith and courage. You have both even when you don't feel like the time is there as much as you need.

    Pisces Weekly Love Tarot Reading 1/21 to 1/27/19

    Take things as they flow and what you need to do will work itself out in conversation and your own hands-on projects as well. Leo, there's always a spiritual element to problems and relationships are no different. Often a problem manifests just as a dream or vision will.

    What you need to learn comes when you're ready, and likewise the same goes for another person.

    https://farmbowresi.tk If you are in a position to see a problem in a friend's life, you may need to hold back until they ask for the advice you're willing to give. Virgo, speaking the truth in love is far superior to simply speaking the truth. It's complicated to imagine that truth isn't enough. It's all in the delivery. Often the person you will express the truth too is ready to receive it, but with their heart open, it's time to be softer with the delivery. Try your best to smooth out what you've heard are your rough edges.

    pisces love horoscope january 21 Pisces love horoscope january 21
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    pisces love horoscope january 21 Pisces love horoscope january 21

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