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Thanks for your time. I am looking forward to several beak days next week and the week after. I will certainly let you know if I win. I have seen 2nd house rulers or Venus with Uranus harmonious. Also saw for a friend on a roll when Saturn a second house ruler exactly trined the progressd MC!! And nearly a million over several months time. Natally Moon is 7 degrees from the MC in Pisces and natally Venus in Capricorn on 7th cusp sextiles to the degree the Moon - are these valid for the bigger type wins?

One aspects the natal MC, the other the pr Venus. Then if I understand it correctly I use your program to see the lucky days - right? Do I more focus on the exact hit of the progression or of the transits for timing? Do you have an example of this? And have you found that sometimes if natally you have a trine for instance from Mars to Uranus that a daily Mars Uranus square is not always difficult for a win day so it could come sooner??

You can't imagine how happy I was on the day I found your lucky days program!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Regards, Frank Usually one win per beak shape! Your program has helped me out often over the past few years. Venus had released by 1. I seem to get good luck when Venus either forms good aspects or releases from bad aspects, e.

Your system, did something amazing. I have been unemployed and still looking for a job in my career for almost two 2 years. I am really only surviving - now. I will soon lose everything, home, car - if I did not have bad luck - I would not have any. Last Friday, instead of eating, I chose to buy a scratch-off.

Sounds stupid, but I did it and got to eat, too. Paid a few monthly bills. Wow, came home and re-visited the "Lucky Days" that I had found on the internet. Boy, was I shocked and indeed surprised. Thank you again. I will use my chart and hopefully, one day I can purchase your system. Take care, peace and light Bev Glad you got lucky Bev, I've also had similar "bottom of the barrel" luck in the past, but please note, I do not recommend that anyone should gamble with their last bit of money.

Personally, I would rather have a teaspoon of hope than a loaf of bread, but I do not recommend this approach or attitude to anyone. The program is often fallible. Rather buy the food. I've sat with her at conferences years ago and discussed her system as well as attended her lectures, etc. However, I haven't seen these programs work that well. In comparison, I will say that since I've had your program for approximately a week, I've emailed your report to two people.

It was the first day of her four-day Good Period. In the past I purchased your Lucky Days program and it works beautifully. Please give me info. Thank you, A. D Thanks. How's life mate? Bought the software sometimes back - a couple or three years ago. Man the software has done wonders it really works! Thanks for a wonderful software man! I have tried several softwares for this purpose and yours is by far the best. The prior one I bought the lady who sold it actually arranged to meet me because some of the questions I asked were so detailed.

But at this point I am too old and too tired to go that route any more. Just want to make sure all the correct boxes are checked. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Suellen and David Regarding the settings on the program. Since the planets move very slowly the program is very fogiving. Many people run it successfully without knowing the time of their birth. Just put your details in as best you can and your birth and current locations as accurately as possible.

The reports will be about as accurate as they could be, even if your birth information was perfect. Thank you for your help. I have been gambling for twenty years and studying astrology for ten. I have never spent a dime in any gambling system or astrology method before, but after checking the "Free Lucky Day report" in your website I was convinced and I used a portion of the earnings to buy a registration key.

I have to say that my biggest passion is betting the horses, but I haven't found a way to exploit the Lucky Day consistently yet. I mean, every time I have gone to the casino to play blackjack on a Lucky Day I have ended the session a big winner in less than fifteen minutes. However, when betting the horses on a Lucky Day, I still haven't seen consistent results. At first I was greedy, and I played the Pick-6 only hoping this would be the jackpot as you know, you're expected to lose if you play after a jackpot, so when the jackpot happened I wanted it to be huge. This has worked better, but from my small sample so far, I had to lose one or two of those bets before finally winning, so the overall profit has not been very significant.

Very different from the sense of invincibility I have experienced at the blackjack table for minutes as soon as I sit down. I know Horses are your favorite game too, so this note is to politely ask if you had any pointers on how to bet on the horses on a Lucky Day: What bets to focus on, etc. And thanks for your great product. Please let me know if there's a new version in the works. Regards, Manuel This is probably just a normal cycle. I personally have found it easier to win money on the horses than the casino but have not yet won a substantial Pick 6.

This shows you that the connections know that the horse is capable. Also, try to be contrarian and bet against the public. Look for legs that might cause upsets, like when the favorites are up in class or are drawn wide, and then include a few horses that are upset material, for e. Adrian, thanks for writing me back! I understand what happened regarding the cusps. I LOVE it just for keeping easy track of my transits. Thanks, and all the best!!!!!!!!! I look forward to any and all updates you do! How would one go about analysing these discoveries? I think that it is a very good idea, and should be taken forward.

Not just the beak thing but all the other transit nuances that I have expensively learned over the last 4 years. My overall luck has not been good with Saturn in Leo until Sept and still it is in my first house. This and what seems as an unusual of negative transits makes my betting all the more impressive.

I have done it, Adrian. As time moves on I will be increasing my bet amounts. I still dream that one day you and I can write a book about Lucky Days philosophy and even give lectures on the concept. Here are my initial answers to your questions. What are the rules governing what goes above and below the dateline in terms of positive and negative?

I didn't see the specific rules on your web site. I am especially referring to the fact that sometimes conjunctions are sometimes positive and sometimes negative. These evolved mainly in version 1 from checking mainly my own wins against my own transits. With version 2 I checked a whole lot more people and adjusted things slightly. The upgrade averaged-out the orbs to best fit the most wins for everybody a few dozen people. What has arisen since then is that conjunctions with Pluto are horrible and should be below the line, whether they prevent wins or not!

Also, planets aspecting themselves are only half as powerful as when aspecting others. Regarding the conjunctions, they are those with Saturn that are blocked, especially with the faster moving planets in the birthchart. Finally, a planet forming bad aspects to itself transit to natal, e. Mars opposite Mars does not prevent wins. Version 2. For some people it works that way, I do not know why.

What has also come out is that good aspects to the Node, as well as the MC and Ascendant give wins reasonably often, i. It's interesting you only use the Ptolemaic aspects. Is this because you have not found the minor ones to have any effect? My friend swears by noviles. She also follows aspects in the daily chart as they contact her birthchart, but so far nothing really stunning has caught my interest.

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Inconjuncts are lousy though, generally negative times involving making a hard decision. I do not believe it is possible to win every day you play just by following the daily chart. You may have hot and cold periods but you need transits or progressed aspects to have a good day. You mention in the program under Advanced Users that you need some feedback on the releases from transits by Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Have you made any conclusions yet? No, I am so far happy with these orbs, sometimes they go off a bit earlier, if they vary, they seem to vary on the shorter side of the orb. This turns, for example, the transit orb from Venus to Saturn from 2. All orbs are made one degree. The orbs are given in the program help.

Holy Cow!!!! You can install it from the download page. Four of the numbers were in yesterday's lotto. Not the jackpot, but the highest I have ever scored. So thought I would share this with you. It did. I took a single R20 ticket and got 4 numbers correct. Hope you are well and in the dough. A couple weeks ago I had just about busted out on my sports gambling account. That is the minimum that you can bet. It pays 13 to 5. Can you believe that? I started using your software in Dec last year and has been experiencing luck on each and every 'Beak' and 'Fair' day.

I recorded a 10 out of 10 wins end result in the past 10 "beak" days. However, I've been conservative and careful so far, that is, stop after winning a targetted conservative amount like around SGD k. My question is, does it make a difference if I had placed bigger bets? My belief is that luck has its value, correct me if I'm wrong.

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What's your view? What would you say for a result like mine? Does my conservative target contribute to the winnings? While pondering a solution to our mounting gambling losses, my subconscious must have linked the possibility of using astrology to find lucky days to gamble, which is the exact phrase I used to Google. I think your program was near the top of the list and I downloaded it to investigate. I must admit that at first I was skeptical and wondered if it was a con but I liked your candid admissions of gambling losses and desire to find a way to better your odds of winning. I began by reviewing our past wins and losses and looking in your program for corresponding dates and surprisingly there were several.

I then found your offer for the free 3 month reading and decided to try that but noticed that the time of day was not available. Don't know if was your program for sure, mate but for the first time in a very long time we came home ahead and had an evening of fun and an enjoyable ride home as well. I love it, I think it's great. I like to play Texas Hold'em tournys and ring games. Also like 3, 4 card poker and casinos in general. I have always seen myself as luckier than others. And it seems to be at certain times of the year.

I swear, around my birthday, gambling is a sure thing. I've won thousands of dollars over the years on my birthday, before it and after it a few days. But last year, was the first year I got stone cold blanked. All, This is not a thread for debating Magi astrology. It is a thread for applying Magi astrology principles to real life situations.

If you want to debate Magi astrology, please start another thread. I have deleted and will continue to delete all off-topic posts and comments. Back on subject, Tim. Thanks for keeping us back on track. I personally do not identify with wounded healers so maybe that makes me more accepting to their idea of Chiron. I don't insist and I'm all ears to understand more, but since this is the only place I can get to discuss Chiron as relations-related I have a question.

I saw an interesting chiron-venus-saturn trine in a CAC. Been thinking about how to interpret it, since I wonder if this is a chiron or saturn grand trine. According to what I read saturn grand trines are cold and calculating? Well it depends I guess on who's planets contribute to the trine.

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From what I understand, any enhancement angle with Saturn and another's planet creates a Saturn bond. Of course the Magi say that when a grand trine is formed by a CAC then the power of the aspects become stronger. I would say without looking at the chart that the bond between the people in the CAC can be a powerful love bond, but also one that bonds the non Saturn person to the relationship. Also an important concept is called Enhancement Dominance.

This idea states that any enhancement in a symmetrical pattern turns any clash angles into a positive angle To me it does not seem like such bad symmetry, and I refuse to think of Saturn as "all bad" no matter what the Magi say, being a Saturn girl myself: I have a question and if this was already answered please forgive me as there are too many posts here to read: Is the orb of degs for chiron squares the same as for chiron oppositions? Also, what does chiron opp. Thanks for the interesting thread!

I'd have to agree. Is there anywhere else where we can discuss Magi astrology along the lines of the original thread intent? I certainly have a lot more questions Moderator Tim: I have a quick question, although it's something that is - to me at least - probably one of the most fundamentally difficult concepts of magi astrology to grasp.

I've already found astrology to be challenging because of it's ability to easily slant from free-will to determinism. I know that even the Magi themselves always emphasize our free-will, but with repeatably accurate results from charts and synastry, I keep getting the feeling that things are heavily deterministic. For example - lets say you meet someone randomly, but the day you meet them on was a 'heartbreak' day.

You had no control over when you would meet them, so in a way your relationship with them already has some other force or power 'stacked against' it. But you had no control or choice on when you would meet them! I get how you can choose a good incorporation date for a business, but with a random meeting it was out of your control!

So it would seem that fate played those cards for you. And with overwhelmingly repeatable evidence that it would lead to a certain result the Magi literature sure makes it seem definite , where's our free will here? And, if your natal chart has a placement, and at some point in your life a planet WILL make a stressful activation for you and you alone, is that not pre-determined?

How can a period in my life be pre-determined? How can I start a new life for myself during a heavy transit if everything I start from that point forward will be influenced by that heavy transit? I was asking myself this exact same question few months back! I had a few answers along the way and this is what I realised about it. It's one of those tough questions that does not have a definite answer.

I'm still discovering it. I just joined, so I could enter the discussion about Magi astrology. My new obsession with Magi has to do with I've rabidly read through just about all the info pertinent to relationships available on the official Magi Astrology site, www. As well, I've found www. Those asking questions here would really do well to first slog through the info available at the Magi site, including firstly the free versions of the "Mini-books" available there.

Just about all the questions I see on this thread are addressed, one way or another, by poring through the many celebrity examples on their site, though I agree that sometimes their presentation can seem bogged down and un-organized. As well, if you go to this page at Magi Helena's site: I find her info to be a great supplement, efficiently and clearly summarizing the essential concepts. Just a tip for what has been helpful for me. Also, in case there are those who still don't realize what an amazing resource Astrodienst is astro.

Using their extensive "Extended Chart Selections" page, you can bring up a natal or synastry chart, adding any asteroids you wish. Once the chart is open, on the upper left you click the "View the Additional Tables pdf " button to access the declinations for a geocentric chart or the latitudes for heliocentric Filibuster, I also had great luck on the astrodienst website with which I was easily able to access all the information I needed to cast a chart via the magi astrology standard.

Review of Jagannatha Hora: Vedic Astrology Software

There is so much free information online via the sites you mentioned that you could study and learn all that for free a few months at least. Best to you and your studies. The dork in me has spent many a night awake in bed pondering this as well LOL. The Hindus pray to Shani Saturn and do puja offerings to alleviate the hardship of a Saturn transit, or you can choose to see the brighter side of things when life "goes south" The magi society would probably not tell you to perform Shani puja though LOL.

As for meeting people, yeah I suppose you could avoid bars and parties during heartbreak transits, though I've usually met my boyfriends randomly. Perhaps what you can do if you meet someone you like, cast their chart immediately to see what's going on. Then make your choice whether to pursue a relationship or not based on this knowledge.

In this way you are taking more of a free-will stance: Lord knows that's what I'd be doing if I were looking for someone. So what if the natal chart of a man shows an inconjunt with saturn, but the aspects of chiron with a prospective girl doesn't show anything with saturn but shows a natal inconjunt with the girls Jupiter and a trine to mars. To add to this current transiting Jupiter is going conjunt on both peoples chirons in Taurus.

This relationship is just starting, and other things in the normal reading show potential, so does that natal incjnt in the helio man's chart, mean he is always destined to create or experience heartbreak? Or does that only apply if it aspects the intended person's chart? Maybe it is just career or father heartbreak?

I'm not looking for a free reading, just trying to clarify the natal aspect to chiron and the synastry aspects and if the synastry can overcome the natal. Isn't a large part of life and love all about "luck" anyway? I believe the Magi subscribe to Type rule. Hey, it does give them a convenient out, but don't we all want one? I didnt fully understand the concept. So I am confused because there is symbol ' before " Hope you could understand and will post your comments Thanks you: Thanks for this thread.

I Understand Magi's A has identified Chiron as key player. This interests me because my Mercury in Capricorn is conjunct Chiron. I sionce have found the harmonic 60th degree includes a Conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and the Part of Fortune, and that also in nearly every harmonic beyond 1x, there is a very close conjunction of chiron and the part of fortune. Does Magi work with these Harmonics? Harmonics is an outlet in Astrology which also comes to fruition in sol astrology, my own method.

Magi Astrology [07]

From what I gather, Magi Astrology does not like Saturn in relationships. The two Magi books I had did not give an explanation for this particular aspect. I am hoping someone can shed lights on this here for me. Hi, I wonder does it also work for chiron's links to angles? For example, what are the effects of a Saturn Venus bond? How does the Venus person feel and what type of control does the Saturn person hold? What is the meaning of Vesta opposite Juno in terms of natal aspects. What does this mean for me? What would it mean if Vesta, Juno, and Uranus formed a grand trine instead of a T-square?

Help on these matters about Magi Astrology would be greatly appreciated, Please and thank you Almost forgot, I'd also like to know how a Mercury Juno linkage is interpreted in terms of Magi natal aspects. Hi Cory, this can be a complicated subject and it depends on many variables. Any Saturn aspect that is either a clash or a linkage, ie square, opposition, quincunx, trine, or conjunction is what the Magi call a "Saturn captivation". This means that the Saturn person has much control over the non Saturn person. Are you the Venus person here? Just guessing since you are posting the question, leading me to believe that you feel someone may have a hold on you.

I am not a certified Magi astrologer, but tinker with this in order to better understand my life and environment. I once had an advanced Magi astrologer who nearly gasped when she looked at my synastry with an ex and counted the captivations we had together, as they were the highest she had ever seen. We had a bumpy two year relationship, and got back together briefly 20 years later, ending the same way we did 20 years prior. From my limited experience, I see these captivations as a power struggle.

The Saturn person has much control over the non Saturn person. A complete theory of Financial Astrology needs to take into account all of the following: Planetary Geometry including the declinations Heliocentric Astrology including the latitudes Chiron The four major asteroids, especially Ceres Planetary Synchronization And Sedna, a planet discovered in These six astrological parameters have not been used in mainstream Financial Astrology but we have found them to be vital pieces of the puzzle of Financial Astrology. In our opinion, it is not possible for any user of financial astrology to make a profit long-term without incorporating the above six pieces of the astrological puzzle.

We have had to design and perfect our own software because there simply was not any software available from anywhere else that successfully and correctly incorporated all the new vital astrological data. Lessons on Financial Astrology. Access to databases filled with financial astrology data. Conference calls for our software users to learn and exchange ideas. The chart includes the October high, the March low and the rally from that low. Each red line represents a different Planetary Ratio.

This means Astro Fibonacci Really Works! If you would like more information about the Magi Society or our Financial Astrology software programs, please click here and send us an email. If you own the Magi Society's financial astrology research software, then click here to download the most recent commodity and stock index files.

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